A new school year has just begun, and the summer break is for sure past tense.

We all wish to reach our full potential or help our children to higher performance.

We want to be on top of the game; focused and alert.

It’s easy to set these goals, but not always easy to achieve.

There are no shortcuts or magic recipes to quick learning.

A healthy diet with right nutrition can contribute to better learning.

Changes in our modern diet of highly processed foods has led to a less healthy diet and many do not always get sufficient amounts of omega-3 fats in their diet.

The human brain is largely composed of fat and the omega-3 essential fatty acids play an important role for optimal brain health and function of the brain throughout life.

The fatty acid; DHA is a major structural component in the part of the brain responsible for sophisticated information processing like memory, emotion, language, and attention. All needed for high learning.

A small change can lead to healthier habits, such as adding a good quality omega-3 supplement to the diet.

People who eat healthier and move more, perform better both inside and outside the classroom.