Arctic Superhealth teaming up with Røa Dynamite Girls

Røa Dynamite Girls are Arctic Superhealth’s latest ambassadors!

Røa Dynamite Girls belongs to the top division in football for women. They rank third amongst the football clubs.

Through a collaboration with Røa Fotball Elite, we want to strengthen our common focus on an active lifestyle as important to our health. Nutrition and health will always be a key part of the life of a top athlete. Omega-3 oil from Arctic Superhealth contains natural omega-3 fatty acids from Norwegian cod liver, in addition to vitamins A, D and E. These are nutrients that are important for key functions of the body and contribute positively to our health.

“I look forward to developing a value-creating collaboration between Dynamite Girls and Arctic Superhealth”, emphasizes Erik Olsson, marketing and media manager at Røa Fotball Elite.